Quad Light Pro - first test flight with watt meter to figure out the flight length and check the flight characteristics


copter weight: 1434 gramy
battery: 4s 10000mAh (817 gram)
motors: Dualsky 5010
propellers: 17 cali (17x5,5)
take off weight: 2353 gramy

Each motor has 1600 gram thrust. 4 x 1600 = 6,4 kg - this means that half of the thrust is 3,2kg - with such weight the copter will fly perfectly stable. The test take off weight is 900 gram lighter and this means that the copter may take a larger battery on board. The test showed 217 watts power draw and this is around 10% more than the Quad Light copter in the previous test. This leads to a conclusion that the Quad Light Pro will fly around 35 minutes with 10000mAh battery. The copter uses pretty heavy Dualsky 5010 motors and it was designed for a larger battery. A 16000mAch battery weight 500 gram more than a 10000mAh battery and the 16000mAh 4s is the right size of the battery this copter. Expected flight time would be around 50 minutes. With smaller motors like SunnySky 4108 or SunnySky 3508 the right battery would be 10000mAh with expected flight time 40 minutes.