Quad Light Pro is an X4 construction with foldable arms with 5 degrees dihedral that gives is superior stability, the construction uses several ideas I have had during build previous models. Here is the specification:

name: Quad Light Pro
build: http://carbon-cnc.eu
weight: 579 gram
propellers: 15 - 17 inch
battery: 4s up to 16000mAh
dihedral: 5 degrees
flight time: 35-55 minutes (depending on the battery used)
gimbal: GoPro type

Quad Light Pro uses foldable arm elements with 5 degrees dihedral that give the copter extremely good stability. Battery mounted from top is very comfortable to install on the center plate platform. The copter nose gives lots of room for flight controller and accessories and is very well recognizable where the front is on the ground and when flying. Foldable Tarot legs (TL65B44) are mounted using special element with 7.5 degrees that make the legs point a little bit upwards when retracted. Standard 10mm damping tubes with 60mm distance center-to-center and 14mm distance between the tube hangers holes allow you mount virtually any GoPRo gimbal.

As you see the copter folds pretty small with legs just slightly expanding outside the arm construction.